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Sunday, 12 February 2012



1. IMAGINATION TRANSCENDS SO-CALLED "REALITY," visualizing attainable objectives beyond the evidence of Today, neural/existential pathways flowing "there," while sensing feedback through one's Inner Mirror or NATURE'S SOURCE...reflecting back The Individualist's Self-Validation.

2. INTUITION AS RELIABLE INNER COMPASS...interpreting / experiencing the meaning of things in the world, listening to one's own instinct as reliable signal through a world of choices, discovering what one is meant to manifest in this life-time, how one is meant to contribute or help others on their paths, and how one intersects harmoniously with other energies surrounding the pursuit of self-actualization and learning. We do not act alone.  "We are here for The Exchange."

In Life, however, sometimes The Exchange can be a string of lessons, small or great.  Often times, personalities or forces that come into our sphere, do not agree with us, may seek to deceive, mislead, or even destroy us.  The Transcendentalist of today, must focus their will on an awareness much like the to bend and sway with the wind and tides that come, but never to break at the stem of one's own inner compass; to rise back into an upright position of personal clarity, personal viewpoint.  Personal sense of right and wrong.  Personal sense of boundaries.  Self-respect.  Those who have a wounded intuition will have to purposefully learn to recognize "triggers" and "stun-mode" when one reverts to being victimized, and immediately employ the strengthening behaviors in the next paragraph.  The key, here, is maintaining an unerring direction-sense which will always know or re-locate one's own CENTRAL BALANCE.

A Transcendentalist will always listen to the true content of others' intentions, and what the sub-textual meaning of an exchange truly is.  A Transcendentalist will become adept at discerning underlying tactics of manipulation or mind-games aimed at vulnerabilities, beyond any weaker mental states such as  paranoia or projection.  Learn to laugh at belittlement, judgement, and condescension, because nobody can truly tell you who you are or the value of your self-worth, and anyone who presumes to do so, is ridiculously off-base.  We all have a right to BE WHO WE ARE.  Remain aware of the breathing connection to one's mind-impressions, aware and in-the-moment, while maintaining a sensitivity for any forces that attempt to shift Central Balance into being off-balance.  When domination tactics diminish one's confidence for inferior states of fear, unworthiness, meekness, enforced silence, or personal degradation, a Transcendentalist in touch with the breath, and the Individualist mind, will DETACH from REACTING...ADJUST CENTRAL BALANCE...and REDIRECT PERSONAL INTENTION to COME FROM TRUTH. When one comes directly from personal truth, the right words and actions just seem to be there!

When negative polarity personalities realize that you are "not a mark," that "the game" doesn't play you, such people will be repelled in favor of weaker, easier prey, because...predators prefer to take down weak opponents as opposed to attempting to overcome strong ones.  

A Post-2000 Transcendentalist is strong in personal dignity, character, and "back-bone."

3.  INTERACTING WITH A FLEXIBLE, ENERGETIC REALITY...that all life on Earth is a collection of frequencies, and that one may change one's own frequency and direction of intentions and actions, so as to leave denser, more assaulting realities for enlightened, serene magnetism and supportive places or states, found away from conflicting dissonances and earthly brutalities.  Perceptive insights recognizing sacredness in the living moment, the sensual belonging to vast elemental beauty and immortal UNIVERSAL LOVE, beyond, below, and surrounding suffering, a limitless LOVE which may hold any amount of sorrow gently.  Nurturing the SOURCE INSIDE that knows no ending to compassion, may support you to FEEL YOUR OWN WAY toward more receptive signals and destinations...WHERE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

4.  DISENGAGING FROM FEAR...ENGAGING TRUST...One does not remain ensnared in destructive relationships or circumstances by rigidity of FEAR, calling on transcendentalism to find and resonate with Light, Love, and Living Intact...frequencies which necessarily let go of each other, being composed of incompatible elements, are the differing realities of insanity versus compassionate harmony:  2 separate worlds of awareness apart.  Have you forgotten the supportive energy of a unified Universe?  When is the last time you left behind the glare of city lights for Nature's Solitude, and for clear witness to a near infinite brilliance of interconnected stars above?  And even closer, when have you last taken the action of sealing eye-lids and ear canals closed with thumbs and fingers, so as to only listen to the sonic brilliance of YOUR ENERGIZED UNIVERSE WITHIN?

5.  INDIVIDUALIST SPIRITUAL LIBERTY, unrestricted by Tradition, controlling structures, or orthodox thought...pure humanistic expression, inspired creativity, philosophical and societal equality between women and men as in Nature's balance, the unifying Source which surrounds all realities and grants energetic Life to ALL.  The Transcendentalists live for the mysticism of Life's subtle energies and messages...signalling synchronicity, opening doors of perfect opportunity, awakenings to inner purpose's answers...freeing the things inside that need expressing, as my improvisation teacher in the theater often reminded us of...discovering one's own latent gifts, and expressing the magical in that personal evolution...reveling in the melodic notes of romantic experience sweetened by passion and uplifting with the euphoria of Spiritual Liberty.  Freedom to recognize any personally inspiring Spiritual Pathways as ENERGETIC CONDUIT INWARD to one's SOURCE.  FEEL each living moment to be infused with awareness and meaning, soul-sharing kindness being larger than pettiness or judgment, with a consciousness for the potential beauty of exchange between souls...infused by TRANSCENDENTAL INTENTION'S LIGHT.

6.  RISING ABOVE JUDGMENT INTO OPENNESS / ACCEPTANCE...doing no harm and inflicting no oppression on anyone else's Spirituality, WE may all inclusively gather together while accepting differing philosophies, perceptions, religions and realities in one another, and express our own individualized truth and personal practices with an equally intact respect granted in return.  No Hierarchy. 

7.  METAPHYSICAL WENDING OF NATURE-BASED SPIRITUAL PATHS FOR HOLISTIC EMPOWERMENT and HEALING...The New Transcendentalism is liberated with full self-acceptance, creatively interweaving any complementing spiritual systems and revised psychology, beyond judgment into practical experience to one's own sense of self-evolution, personally interacting with the Universe's energies and in doing so, moving beyond intellectualism or philosophy, into active manifestation and personal empowerment.  This deceptively simple freedom exercised, may be the evolution from the Transcendentalists of the 1800's who felt inhibited by ties to the Unitarian Church and frames of reference to Spirit that boxed in their fiery quests for Spiritual Liberty.

8.  HONOR THE LIGHT WITH OTHERS...sense out and accept light-minded INDIVIDUALS ON A PERSONAL LEVEL who have also significantly shed dysfunctions and toxic entanglements, being conscious to respect, and remaining conscious of one's personal integrity, so as to enjoy transcendentally progressive EXCHANGES with inclusively supportive feedback, and constructive interactions.  RISING ABOVE COMPETITION, HONORING EQUALITY.

9.  THE MUSE OF TRANSCENDENTALISM IS "LIVING PASSION" a purposeful channeling of Universal Inspiration, conducting pure awareness into creative energy through each of our Individualist Mirrors, manifesting beauty, peaceful harmony, and enrichment of the humanistic tradition relating to ALL IN NATURE THROUGH SPIRIT.  The Transcendentalists are channeling the liberation of Creative Muse, so that works of lasting excellence transcend all defeating barriers of popular negativity, economic indifference, reduced circumstances or disasters of the human achieve transcendent Poetry, Story-Telling & Literature, soulful Art, euphoric Music, liberating Philosophy, Transcendental Discovery, and practising compassionate kindness toward others, all of which express and celebrate one's love for Life, and reverence for the very best in the Human Spirit.

10.  THE POST-2000 TRANSCENDENTALIST WAY is to interpret all obstacles along the living path as opportunities for transcending one's own limitations, and then actively re-arranging material reality to pragmatically open the doors which will lead to one's own material and human expansion through indomitable actions! The highest individualist purposes are validated yet tempered by a Universal compassion for others, as one comprehensively fulfils Destiny Chosen...Destiny Visualized...Destiny Achieved, in One's Life-Time...INDIVIDUALIST ENERGETIC WILL!  Those who consider themselves  Transcendentalists, have committed to deflecting self-doubt, standing up after being struck down, recovering sanity after suffering emotional devastation, discovering the one YES in a hundred NO's, releasing attachment from self-involved depressions or negative defeatism, maintaining an illuminated sense of personal dignity and purpose to one's Life.  

The Fullness Of One's Own Life-Vision!

11.  TRANSCENDENTALIST CIRCLES gathering together on this instinctual journey, in person or online with inter-conscious / like-minded, however interactive transcendental thoughts may be shared.  Light more candles of spiritual liberty...via practically-applied philosophical, methodical, experiential, transcendental practices or perspectives...with the most harmonious, light-minded relationships that will be consistently, mutually supportive on the evolving pathways of Nature's Healthy Interdependence.

12.  SPIRIT-TO-EARTH TRANSCENDENTALISM, or GROUNDING  Spirituality so that one's daily perception is not so far into the Energy World that one does not maintain pragmatic awareness, or know how to connect interpersonally responsible in the material world which we are all part of.  One may follow the shiftings of Reality as a MOVING MEDITATION FOCUSED ON THE HERE AND NOW. There are times in the day which one may safely relegate to deeper meditations in higher chakra realms.

May the transcendental navigation of our Honing Hearts be interconnected with our direction-following feet, in step with our holistically energy-balanced, fully abundant mental states.  Grounded-While-Enlightened Dignity meeting others following their own grounded enlightenment, making for the most magnanimous convergings of:

13.  MANIFESTING GENIUS BEYOND DELUSIONS.  Whatever one channels focus into doing...Resonate with the purest exchange of that energy...and Raise The Level. 

14.  THE CLARIFYING PRINCIPLE ~ Many have struggled with what this transcendental perspective really is.  After some years looking through my own eyes of personal clarity, I would suggest this:  

Each of us is a perfect microcosm of The Source, reflecting that animating energy that is our Universe in all its aspects.  As such, each of us is so unique, that there is no authority to dictate what your own purpose is manifesting as.  I can't tell you what you are meant to do, anymore than you can out-line what my pathway is all about.  Your parents don't understand your true purpose unfolding beyond their own journeys, nor your teachers understand why you diverge from their experience, nor your church whose chosen words may not express your deepest intuitive understandings about connection, and certainly not society which has not been structured to validate your intuitive Nature.

This is the power of being a Transcendentalist by Nature:  You are your own dignified authority; Transcendentalists understand that there is no higher authority that can dictate one's life direction, as the only map of truth is unraveling inside of one's own core center.  If your lessons must be "hard" for you to learn the truth of what living for you is about, then maybe it has taken great courage and "confusion" to bring you toward your personal enlightenment.  If your way is to cultivate Love contributing to others and their higher well-being or dignity, whether toward humanity or animals or our natural world, than maybe you are a Humanist of great compassion.  There is much ignorance and abuse in the world, and your kindness and awareness does contribute to lighting the darkness...with all the others or WE who are of that like-minded Love.  You may be one who is meant to contribute to the higher ideals, and are to express your own sense of cultivation or art, in a uniquely creative vision that will influence all of us; we are all here for 'the exchange,' and that is how we learn from one another. 

In the end, we don't truly need a "designation" for how we give to the world, as these are semantics, although clarifying words do grant "power."  Transcendentalism.  This clarification grants us the intention of being individualists of great personal to shift consciousness in others as well as ourselves, capable of binding together in higher principles aiding each other through this challenging existence.  Truth-seeing is instinctual through all the programmed lies that have ever been injected into our lives in order to control us, to dominate us, or to destroy us.  Like the phoenix, we have been burned by the fire, and yet from those fiery ashes, purged of poisons to our souls, and risen again speaking our own language with greater courage.  

Language.  The original 1800's Transcendentalists were gathered by common bonds of liberated Spirituality, and passion for the enlightened word or thought, for Literature and Philosophy.  The finer arts of being Human.  May we all speak our own enlightened languages, yet understand each other perfectly.  May these powerful intentions re-educate our easily deluded brains, empowering that other 90% of grey matter into being progressively EXTRAORDINARY.  Listen....listen with pure heart to each others' higher meanings...listen closely.  Ask your inner teacher...and answers will be forthcoming.  What you persist in perceiving, is what you shall manifest in achieving.

Time to carry one's Transcendentalist Torch forward, enlightening The New Neural Pathway!

Friday, 10 February 2012


TRANSCEND ~ "to rise above, to go beyond, to surpass the expected..."  There has always been the individualist breathing differently within the ordered structures of any society...differently, as in an alien rhythm to what is established before...

The more a society constricts the modes of human behavior, the greater the pressure that bubbles up and manifests in an opposing reaction to that control of behavior.  Control gives reactionary rise to the libertine, the bohemian, the romantic, the poet, or rebel vs. prescribed thought and behavior, searching for some impulse more spontaneous...and truthful to one's internal instincts.  The Humanistic Artist.

The Transcendentalist Movement which originated with a club in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1836, was comprised of a group of like-minded men and women who gathered together in the name of liberal thinking.  As in many pockets of history where reactionism is found, these Transcendentalists' idealism was fostered out of an initial frustration with the culture surrounding them, including the Unitarian Church, and sought their own pattern outside of those perceived walls, through intellectualized freeing of individuality regarding Spirit and Existence.  Ralph Waldo Emerson, being one of the key voices through his essays, had verbally distilled his core philosophy down to "The Infinitude of the Private Man." 

In my reading of these original Transcendentalists, I found Emerson was most voluminous in his clarification of what this viewpoint was trying to express:  a measure from the metaphysical, informing Consciousness, which is the Universe beyond data and the senses...that senses give us representation of things but what are the things themselves?...over material facts, history, circumstances, or animal wants of man, there are the powers of Thought, Will, Inspiration, Miracle, Individual Culture..."perpetual openness of the human mind to new influx of light and power, ecstasy...the heart is the ark in which the fire is concealed which shall burn in a universal flame...Nature is transcendental, intuitive thought as authority over our experience."

My own reaction has been to access Spirit through locating new energetic-supportive experiences, such as in Yoga.  I feel more serene referring to Source, to OM, to the Universe, which for me, transcends old neural feelings, for a connection which feels PURE TO ME, where I am not being told what to connect with or how to do it.  Like the Transcendentalists, I have been opened up in my own horizons through self-creation, life experimentation, humanist philosophies, and lighting my own inspired prism, no mediators need apply.  As any trail-blazing experimentation with the spontaneity or form of one's life will confirm, this euphoric transcendence is not without its periods of uncertainty or existential pain.  These gaps in expectation are all lessons of letting go the fear of risking...the gap of uncertainty...leading to realize an undiscovered neural pathway.  The trapeze act of Transcendental Trust.

Contemplating Nature does empower to transcend frozen mind-sets for acceptance of change within consciousness and shifting reality.  Intuition, or Inner Mirror to Nature, guides one to personal Visions, not delusional but attuned to the lodestone of one's own heart-impulse truth on their own inimitable life-path.  Beautification of that inner Vision, where one's mind mirrors, becomes the projection of where one's life will be transmitted.

Don't we tend to become surrounded by the environments of our consistent mental imaging?  What we see with consistency, becomes things, in the material world, even if one is looking at the road of a newly-taken highway leading beyond...or where many of us first find ourselves, growing up stranded somewhere closer to the isolating deserts of those who came before us.  Somewhere lighter, truer, and far healthier, becomes the purposeful searching of the wounded healer on individual healing path...for a person whose neural representations of their world are in the action of becoming...following that inner map.  This is a realized awareness of one's receptivity as a homing beacon for frequencies.

I understand what Deepak Chopra meant when he suggested we stop trying to think outside the box, and just throw the box out! The original Transcendentalists, in their time, were rebelling against the constricting orthodoxy they perceived in the Unitarian Church.  The Transcendentalists wanted to feel and sense their own understanding of God but liberated from the structure, so as to understand God through their own instincts, their own verification from within; and not a structure of interaction where their own instinctive understanding of The Universe would go without validation. These liberated ones believed in relying less on tradition, but more on Nature's communications, no middle man.

What I suggest about the Post-2000 Transcendentalists, "WE" of the Quantum Consideration, clarify our relation to ALL through our own Inner Mirrors, so as to connect with our own senses of energetic Source, without imposing or needing to label everything as "this label" or "that label," in the languages of Tradition, Separation or Hierarchy...but resonate with truth of "this frequency" or "that frequency," grounding the meta-experience in ROOTED KNOWING...that WE need not rebel against anything, for this kriya action of self-purging The Within, is what takes our philosophy into metaphysical action...becoming quantum reality (consider Samkhya Philosophy).  ACTIVE SELF-TRANSFORMATION.

I, for one, address Universe because in It, Source is HE and SHE united, or WE, as we watch all good seeds create Life in natural reflections at all levels of our world.  What is reflected to one through the Mirrors of Nature, may be accepted as Universe's structure for how all living things fit together, but also how things crumble apart, and regenerate or recycle again.  Rather than being mediated for in the ritual, the ritual of experience must be generated by the INDIVIDUAL TRANSCENDENTALIST, connecting with THEIR OWN holistic awareness and sensitivity, so as to verify connection with Great Spirit in its pure, undiluted PRESENCE and individuated gifts.

All vibrations capably magnetize appropriate energetic unifying themes, manifest occurrences, or materialized creativity...the choices in Life that each of us make.  No one may truly see the vision one holds before their own mind, until the results manifest in undeniable evidence from the invisible journey realized to completions.  Guidance for the individual, may arrive to one's seeking senses by way of the visionary's signal-collecting vibrance emitting signals into the world.  Minds do emit their own energetic qualities, which all of us pick up on, sometimes subliminally, all with a frequency; and quantifiable results for those thoughts' qualities.

In the various metaphysical interactions, one may find a myriad of approaches to transcendental-like ephiphanies and sudden surging curves of personal illumination:  yogis may generate connection through meditation on the chakra energies and how their conditions reflect the reality of living at various levels...wiccans may combine various natural healing herbs with an annointed candle to visualize reality shifting through meaning and intention...pagans may meditate on the directions, elements, and seasonal wheel of harvesting to find flow and inspiration...first nations' people may connect with a sweat lodge and shaman for purification or join the healing dance and Spirit of the pow-wow...buddhists may intone a Universal Lotus meditation to pitch consciousness where enlightened beings release themselves and show kindness and compassion toward all living beings while on, the individual, may know your own existential answers by the way your solar plexus pings when inside instincts answer your own unvoiced questions.  You simply know this first answer to be your own acknowledged answer, channeled truly, needing no illumination from anyone else...because your inner mirror reflects your own natural image clearer, than anyone else may do, looking through their own mirrors of comprehension. 

Transcendentalists burn their own individualist neural and material-world pathways, visualized through process others' can't perceive with an ordinary mental comprehension, since the wisdom summoned comes from a higher connection beyond the ordinary mind.  This is called Channeling,  FLOWING WITH CONNECTION, knowing what is essential for your inner nature to blossom, with complete self-acceptance and loving support for any emotional cracks generated in a confusing world, and MAKING CONTACT in this world with that INSPIRED INTENTION.   MAGIC hides behind all worldly reasons, as our ever-present POTENTIALITY.  

This phenomenal world is filled with crazy-making distractions and making purely-derived sense of meaningful reasons for the flip-side of all, becomes the journey.  This is like the rudder of a boat navigating water currents with a process of physical mechanics and experiential tactics, feeling the most effective way onward...much as the Transcendentalists once did...and now today, DO.

"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship." 
~ Louisa May Alcott, Transcendentalist (1832-1888)

Lastly, before I pay off on what I promised...The New Non-Rules Of Transcendentalism...those who have taken it upon themselves unbidden, to share metaphysical educations they've experienced and learned from, with others who are seeking those particular meta-directions and could use some guiding light on the subject matter...those who dare to direct others to enlightenment of their human conditions, must always remember to be what yogis would call "sattvic." Teachers must be coming from light-minded purity, untainted by corrupted thought, misplaced desires, ignoring of interpersonal boundaries, interacting and exchanging healthy energy with others while coming from the higher mind, having directed one's energies above the primal impulses that rule neural sub-consciousness.  I will refer to this harmonic and socially-responsible place, as The Healthy Teacher's Compassion.  In Yoga Science, one would follow the 8 limbs of Astanga Yoga, in order to purify and raise energetic consciousness...through the channeling of Kundalini, as yogis may refer to ENLIGHTENED ENERGY...for the highest good, as the wiccans may say, thus harming none.

WE are all here for the exchange...BE TRANSCENDENTAL IN YOUR NATURES!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I feel it's time to write the new non-rules of TRANSCENDENTALISM, post-2000.  I write non-rules because Transcendentalists may share certain unified thoughts and aesthetics, but as individualist-minded philosophers, Spiritual and artistic thinkers or seekers, they will not blindly follow set rules or what has been established, before the discovery of their own a rule. The only true Transcendental Rule may be that all human-established rules regarding governance of the mind and soul, are made to be transcended, because of an inner call to a higher order found only in the mysterious messages from Nature, or The Universe.  

I also write "will not," because the original Transcendentalists who gave this movement its name, have long since passed to The Great Beyond, in fact, the movement of this name had lost most of its original fire by the 1860's; and yet this enlightening movement lives inside all of those who fit taking on their mantle, liberating Spirit in THE NOW

Transcendentalists don't remain frozen or especially complicit, in any belief-systems of a solely human-based organization, but rather, feel the newness of each incoming, personal transmission from instinctual inspirations out of the ether of their Nature.  It is in this way, that I feel their kinship with The Romantics.  They lived for inspirations from Nature's ungovernable magic transforming their lives, and their thought-provoking, humanistic artistic expressions, unbound by dogma or earth-bound pessimism.  

I believe the post-2000 transcendental morphings of today, do add on to where 1800's Transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Fuller, and their loosely associated peers, were reaching for back in their day.  'We' (who respond to the instincts of these poet-philosophers) carry the 1800's Transcendentalist torch of idealist thought, Spirit, and poetic mysticism, forward into deepening pools of individualist illuminations: 

"The Post-2000 Transcendentalists." 

One may ask...what are the differences between them, and us in The Now?  I'd like to share my considerations of aspects that are worth being kept and carried forward...and the new perceptions or active differences that have developed since the guidelines were first expressed, such as in the movement-defining essay written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nature" (1836).  

I comment from my own perceptions of this mysticism, as an insider from our post-internet world which the original Transcendentalists could scarcely have imagined would be in our future.  Is any of this organic, Nature-based Spirituality relevant, in a digitally-wired world of technological dominance?  I say, YES...NOW, MORE THAN EVER...if being humanistic still matters, always YES ~ because not an ounce of "the cynicism of NO," will buoy my heart on its death-bed...but embers burning from my eternal, poetic Love for Life, despite all pit-falls or heart-break, will see me through the dark tunnel into an undying light.  

YES.  I am a Transcendentalist.

Saturday, 14 January 2012


One might assume when we close off one or more of our five senses, that we are experiencing "less."  Human practice tends to absorb the complexity of worldly information visually, first, and this is an external focus.  Even our hearing is directed outside of ourselves when we learn or interact; but how often do most people direct their seeing and listening internally?  When do we take the time, to listen for what we may find inside?

One might wonder why internalized focus would merit our attention at all, because what could possibly be going on "in there?" Nobody pays us to listen in or even suggests to us that there is merit to looking inward with focus, unless we are measuring with inanimate instruments...but I ask, how perceptive can the organic instrument be, in measuring its own self?  I will speculate that very few of us experience internalized perception past the act of random thoughts, fears and projections, or whatever we are currently focused on.  All that actually goes on inside ourselves all the time, remains beneath our ordinary notice.

Feel free to click on the interactive "Inner Complexity Mandala" rendered by Vaysha Hirsch, as you explore this post.  Although the mandala is an external visualization, the feeling of internalizing meditation may still be enjoyed by gazing, eyes half-lidded, into its center...and breathing with the release of thoughts.

What if one were to purposefully seal-off from the external senses for even five sustained minutes in order to pay close attention to the internal truth of "what is."  This action of pulling back from one's senses is, in yoga / sanskrit terminology, called "Pratyahara," meaning "withdrawal of the senses":  I invite you to turn off all external distractions for the short term...all smart phones, MP3 players, computers, TV, etc. so you may have "environmental quiet" (although once you begin, you will notice that all of these sounds will become "replaced" anyway). Actual silence is rare, so we do our best to "turn off" the "white noise" of what is in our sphere of influence.

Once we have controlled our environment, it becomes all about finding a comfortable seat which we are able to maintain for a stretch of a few minutes without having to adjust.  We may sit cross-legged, half or full lotus, possibly with back against a wall for support, or sitting on our knees and heels of our feet for Thunderbolt Seat's healing pressure and strong foundation.  If in Thunderbolt, our knees have issues, we may place a pillow or bolster behind our knees for relieving excess pressure.

Now begin your kriya action of Pratyahara, or purifying your sensory mental space.  Initiate your easy flow of breath through your nose as you consciously rise up through your spine, liberating your internal organs in your comfortable seat.  Once you are in touch with the breath-flow, SEAL OFF YOUR EYES WITH "PINKY FINGERS" drawing down eye-lids like window shades.  Next, PLUG YOUR EAR CANALS WITH YOUR THUMBS, while maintaining pinkies drawing down your eye-lids. Your arms will have to maintain raised position for these sealing, hand-positions to work their simple magic in the practice.

Follow the breathing cycle in through your nose, into your body, as it leaves and then returns, all with focus.  Recognize mind-activity as it begins to draw attention from breathing or listening and detach from thoughts by maintaining focus on the breath...and listening to 'what is' or the internal sounds which will gradually rise into your hearing's perception, filling up your mind-space.  Exercise patience required to sit still and "do nothing" but observe with your remaining senses of INNER HEARING and FEELING.

Pratyahara is the beginning of deeper yoga meditation because it "ups the ante" from one-pointed focus of breath monitoring used for simplifying thought processes, into a deeply immersed meditation, listening for the harmony of one's internal world of energetic reality operating automatically for us, all the time.  As The Universe is always humming "out there," SO HUM, It ceaselessly vibrates with Nature's complexity inside of us:  THE MIRRORS OF NATURE.

The sounds one may expect to hear on the inside, once accomplishing all preparation, are:  a gradual rise of higher frequencies like whistles or chimes, a fluttering or thumping base-line not unlike a more intense perception of your own pulse, and various layers of sound frequencies in between.  This is the listening observation of your internal complexity of cells, flows, and organs, or your "internal computer."  The sounds will feel or sound "electrified," as you listen to the energies which power your internal functioning, beneath your ordinary, everyday notice.

Connecting inward with this auditory "symphony of sound," along with one-pointed focus, in my experience, will detach you from distracting mental activity, and induce a calmness or re-charging...because instead of plugging into the television or your computer monitor, you are going inside, not philosophically, but through deep personal experience of yourself.  I will add, that plugging into the internal computer, while sealing off the usual escape conduits to your own consciousness, will find a sonic re-mix of neural patterns in the brain, like a shake-up of your mind into feeling awakened and mentally rejuvenated.

During Pratyahara, you may attain a mental silencing of random thoughts where mind-chatter "shuts off," a relaxation or refuge clearing brain fog and producing a calming of anxiety, a fascinating experience with one's internal sounds or processes, and an appreciation for how one has the power to block-out the distracting outer world for an enlightening inner experience.  How may one actually cease the constant prattling of the restless mind in this case?  This is accomplished because the mind can only focus on so many things...and while staying with your breath, and listening freely to a multitudinous layering of sound which rises and remains, filling your ears and mind, there really isn't much room left for distraction, which as an energetic or mental entity, shrinks by comparison to the omnipresence of your own Inner Universe.

When you emerge from this meditative practice, you will likely feel uniquely refreshed, subtly, unlike any other physical or entertaining method of relaxation you would typically rely on...and more effortless to experience.  This practice may be done for any comfortable or sustained period of time, as you become familiar with the process, and the benefits you derive from taking this "time-out" for yourself.  Be sure to shake out your limbs to liberate any stiffness from maintaining arms raised, or in holding up your good posture, before shifting back into your ordinary world of daily activities or going to bed.

Always remember...privacy is not only to be found inside an empty room...but can be sought and achieved, on a deeper level, anywhere, by going inside one's own full self...THE FULLNESS OF YOU.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


YOGA'S "OM"...we have all heard the word, the sound, but...what is "OHM"...truly about?

OM has its own intention, and unless one understands what that vibration is, and is open to it with true sincerity...there remains only that commercially-used "buzz-word" which can grate at one's nerves; or that parroted sound masked slightly by self-awareness; a sound devoid of commitment, without focusing on what that sound ought to mean.  Empty intentions yield empty results.  Clarity becomes opening the illuminated door.

We may mistakenly infer, in trite, present-day boredom or comedic back-lash, that this 4000 + year old practice and its viewpoint on The Universe, is actually "a fad."  Fads are for trend-followers, whereas heart-practices are for Time's amendments on one's human condition...which doesn't pass out of fashion. It is all about The Intention.  Here is a three part consideration:  Think...Breathe...Chant (or Transmit).  If one leaves out the first part, one misses the point.  If one evades the second part, one reduces the impact.  If one leaves out the last part, one is engaging in a dream without a voice...

Past one's sincerity, intention can't be a lack of follow-through, either.  Distraction, or a closed heart, will never resonate with the ideal tone, nor feel connection to anything but "just a sound." Any sounds can be meaningless without intention.  Shallow expression of breath will only feel weak, and will likely discourage in a deflated effort, or the uncommitted sound coming from one's own impatience and self-judgment; but sit inside a room where a group of open-minded people are offering up a devoted OM, and you will feel a room charged with qualitative vibration touching serenity.  This is the presence of healing in action, because healing begins in the mind.

Consider water droplets, as many of us have seen the famous photographs, blown up large from the microscopic, for gallery display.  You know the ones? The crystalline water-cells are captured in photographic reactions to certain vibrations, showing how the patterns alter from states similar to "fear" or "laughter" or "love" or "anger" or "peace," and clearly, the patterns' visual expressions tell us everything we need to understand about vibrations and their effects.  We can actually see the visual state of vibration's "well-being" or "disease" in the microscopic cells blown up to large clarity.

Now consider, since much of human physiology is composed of water, how sensitively reactive every cell in one's body is, through osmosis, one cell-to-another, from one's mental or emotional well-being, environment's influence or chemical exposure, or direction of the subconscious to internal systems. One's mentality may make the difference between debilitating Cancer or alkaline cell harmony.  As healing is a holistic consideration, and we are also what we eat, as well as what we think, "green foods" have much to do on a physiological level of cell harmony or being closer to "basic" pH, rather than being "acidic." One will likely feel the harmony of OM closer, being more pure inside one's body, the physical conductor.

OM...what else are you?  The sages who considered their relationship with The Universe, were transmitted an answer resonating through sound, with no beginning or ending.  If one listens deeply, inside oneself to the core, one may sense the conveyance of this ongoing frequency or "resonance."  The very HUM of Life, carried within ourselves...and beyond ourselves.  Chanting "OM" for inner peace, resonates throughout one's entire cellular body, mental, and spiritual-energetic spheres.  Our minds, consciously or unconsciously, tell our bodies which direction to go...consider the ramifications of directive thought in the healing process.

As humans, we emit sound through our voices, and our range, minus the "abrupt consonants" which are harsh or cancel sound, may be expressed across the five vowels (again, "coincidence" of the number five ~ see "A Pagan Pentacle..." post) ~ "A," "E," "I," "O," "U."  These are the vowels of harmony, the full range of human expression's sound, and The Universe melding all vibrations together, as the sages heard them, into "AUM"...or "OM."  The "M" being a harmonious completion of sound's projection which also channels vibratory resonance.  Human sound naturally conveys feelings, from a sigh, to a grunt or scream, to a humming.  We express our feelings' vibrations, through conscious or unconscious psychological states.  Through sound, we may communicate our own inner realities.

It has been said down through Time, the original enlightened one, The Buddha, sat beneath a Banyan tree contemplating, when "the sound" first came to his / her ear, with a realization, "SO HUM" (in Sanskrit) or "I AM THAT." In the language of sound and energy, this vibration is the perfect tone of pure existence, or the pure consciousness; and so Buddha became awakened, enlightened, and resonated with The Universe, and her / his true Nature. Buddha was connected-as-one with ALL that he / she was...deathless, beyond transitory thoughts or emotions, beyond fears trapped in the finite form, the loss of mind and body and those we love...something innately immortal in all of us...INNER PEACE.

"The Unstruck Sound," which the Buddha heard, was not created by two objects impacting together, but was and is simply "always there," with no beginning or ending.  A soul emanating beyond one's physical form, and identifying with that truth, is in elevation above the transitory state of suffering.  Why not "OM" and be with that vibration's frequency?  And share that feeling with others, who also suffer in varying veils of ignorance and pain, as to the beautiful truth each person holds latent inside consciousness.  Deathless is that part of us which is "not the body," and "not the mind," but "that which observes, and is ALWAYS."

"So hum" or "I am that."  OM is not some outer power beyond us, without connection to us, greater than us, that we are appealing to, that may judge us...not separate from us, like "a Great King to a serf." We don't necessarily come from an impure place, unless we chant OM.  We do not require someone specially attuned to chant for us, because we all have the magic inside, we are all vessels of intention.  In OM's tradition, there are energetic entities associated with "the beginning, duration, and dissolution" aspects of the OM energy in The may look up these aspects, but for my intention herein, I prefer the purity of instinctual resonance with OM, as deeply personal yet spiritually-liberated beyond necessary deification.  As The Universe is perfectly reflected by the microcosmic sparks mirrored inside each of us, one may realize a heart-felt connection to UNIVERSAL BLISS, as "IT" hums immortally...the electromagnetic ocean which is always flowing...beyond, and inside of us...with us.

Take your comfortable seat, and get in touch with your own sense of  "OM."  Rise up through your spine to liberate your breathing apparatus.  Use all three sections of your complete in-breath, and from your heart, release the intention of OM in sound, through the projecting of "OHHH..." or "AUUU"...only closing the tone of the heart-sound with a concluding "MMM" at breath's end, which may be held in a lingering "hummm."  When chanting "OHM," we must re-cycle our complete breath at the end of each fully expressed breath, breathing in through the nose, to continue harmonizing with energized, rejuvenated oxygen. Shortness of oxygen will only weaken one's breath-energy and harmonize with yoga's complete breath.  Trust yourself to harmonize and release. 

So repeat the full intake of preparatory breath...and then the lengthening release of this sound again. FEEL.  If you want to feel OM's Totality, personally, be aware of the vibration's energy field buzzing around your entire body, tip-to-tip, all cells lighting up on each in-breath, as if a globe of white light is cleansing you from the inside outward...OM's vibration may be felt in the bones of the face, even though directed from the heart, and capable of vibrating right down to the toes, or sent up through the transom of our opening minds.  This is an intention of Peace, or exchange we share with Nature, ALL that lives, and all else that emanates on higher levels we are perhaps unaware of...coming from what we feel about connecting.

We all have the inner need TO CONNECT.  No matter where we come from. We may wonder where to find connection when our inner worlds are filled with feelings of self-doubt, self-loathing, anger, or disconnecting depression.  One must remember, that all feelings are transitory, and may be amended by a shift in intention, communicating a different message to one's nervous system and subconscious.

Locate The Source, not by looking into the sky for answers, but by sensing through one's own inner Mirror-Nature...resonating with the internal hum of self-validation, a harmonious resonance of OM. This adjustment is much like an over-cast sky of darkened clouds, dispersing through release of the rains, and the sun's beams of radiating warmth; of illumination streaming through. Although the clouds were all that may have been visible, the sun has always been there to shine for us.  A realization.

This vocalization is not about volume, as OM may be quiet as a whisper-on-tone, or full as open baritone, as it vibrates within and beyond you.  The intention is not about impression, or how one sounds to self or others, so is not concerned with ego, but is about resonating with inner harmony.  There are no rules as to what pitch of note one is emitting, although the heart-chakra is the central place to channel from, which will be most in touch with vibratory resonance for this intention.  This decision to dispel doubt, leads toward a channel for it.

It is through raising consciousness in those who are, or become, "Light-Minded," that the empowering balance of Humanity, may shift away...from the oblivion-train of obsessive darkness, toward the interdependent-hoop of understanding lightness; so we may reverse flood-gates of limitation, fear-mongering, and blind destruction.  Yin may always co-exist with Yang, but we may decide for our own parts, how to live in respect with others.  As Dalai Lama would say, "WE.":  SEE EACH OTHER; and when hearts align toward compassion...then...minds may step forward in RIGHT ACTION.  Reality shifts as we follow our intention-fulfilling, courageous choices.  

Ripples across the water...reach into the distances.

This healing vibration is a sharing with All That Lives, as we are apart of All.  This intention may be a welcome release from competition, fear-based thinking, cynicism or suffering.  To this hope, you may like to try one complete breath's sincere harmonizing of OM.  You may emit OM three times together as is sometimes observed in yoga classes, upwards to seven times as an individual practice allowing oneself to resonate progressively and really feel this;  or as long as one would wish to meditate on this feeling, perhaps 20 minutes of sustained focus, again, it is up to personal choice and purpose.  Breathe deeply and easily with your sustained, peaceful intention.  Meditation becomes concentration.

In chanting OM / AUM / OHM, realize your own immortal expression...a deeply personal validation which society will never claim responsibility for supporting...only you may deem it so, the individual; but remember, you are far from alone, because "WE...are EVERYWHERE."

OM connects us harmonically with our highest vibration, undying "purusa," or one's SOUL-self. 

If chanting with others, allow your sound's intention to MELD in harmony with the group.  Also know that OM is one of the great, pure "mantras" ~ chanting of a vibratory quality, leading one's awareness and cellular intelligence toward personal enlightenment.  Note, I am not saying "religious," as OM is not structured as such, but is pure intention, to harmonious sound, to energetic destination.

This is a liberated spiritual acknowledgement, finding one's own place inside A Supportive Universe.

OM to the synchronicity that supports following your personal bliss...OM to surfing your swelling wave of sweet experiences...OM to the friendships carrying your heart through uncertain wilderness...OM to unfurling surprising potential of your most unique gifts...OM to your inner light, the witness to inspired Genius flights...OM to the Air, to the Water, to the Sky, to the Earth nourishing us all...OM, the primordial sound of the Universe.

"PEACE ~ OM SHANTI, PEACE" ~ dissolving pain of separateness, sharing this purest of intentions:  LOVE lingers with the eternal hum, on and on..."SO HUM!" (We are That).

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Oak-Moon rise! Bring the Solar Festival!

Holly King die for the Oak King's renewal!

We leap old shadows for our new sun days!

Let Old Yule amulet fire New Yule blaze!

Goddess raise the birch and Her vines of ivy!

Mistletoe protect our New Year's fertility!

Stag raise His horns for a year's full plenty!

Roots underground...bare branches to the sky!

Darkness waits for light, Winter Solstice Time!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


If I began by entitling this post, "Alternate Nostril Breathing," one might get the bare bones idea and skip over the reading..."Yeah, yeah, got it, plug one side, then the other."  Not only is there a proper technique in executing it, there are also the dual energetic bodily systems being engaged by this practice to mention.

Knowing what one is engaging in this breath-energy practice, will encourage a patience to maximize the purposeful effect achieved.  All of this is my preamble to saying, "Read on, gentle readers, I have a few understandings to share here, regarding...chilling out...and centering one's energy, so key in both stressful and soothing times."

Did you know that one's right nostril correlates to a differing nervous (sub-divisional) system than one's left?  Being attached to the same nose, on a surface consideration, it might be misconstrued that the "piping" of both nostrils comes from all the same places.

I'd like to introduce these complementing systems, with their energetic characteristics, anatomically, and through the prism of yoga science.  With the qualitative understanding of their differences and how they merge, I'll then clarify the breath-energy practice and the comprehensive results to enjoy.  Sound like fun?  Then let's re-introducing left nostril as "Ida" system, and right nostril as "Pingala" system.

Left nostril or "Ida" is the conduit of the Parasympathetic Nervous System.  This system's energetic stimulation influences "calming and balancing."  Psychologically, one is influencing subconscious functions of the mind, easing intrusive mental patterns such as anxiety.  Anatomically, parasympathetic system is "responsible for the regulation of internal organs and glandular functions which occur unconsciously," or "rest and digest activities" (Wikipedia).  Given that this is a receptive or nurturing calmness, the left nostril or ida, is considered the feminine energetic system, and Universally, one's lunar influence in the body.

Right nostril or "Pingala" is the conduit to one's Sympathetic Nervous System.  This is one's action-oriented or dynamic energy.  Psychologically, one becomes focused "to do" and directs oxygen into empowering the physicality and nervous system for engaging the external world.  In the natural balance to one's lunar or feminine, pingala is the masculine energetic system, or Universally, one's solar influence.

Although men may consider themselves "Men," women may prefer being "Women," and there are those who would rather identify with the opposite sex's energy, in Nature, it is more balanced to consider how the masculine and feminine systems in this case, actually twine together to balance a human being.  Each of us has both masculine and feminine influences in our make-up.

We are One, holistically, and the twining ida and pingala conduits of left and right nostril, come together above, in the nasal cavity, or the oxygen-processing olefactory bulb, which sends energy directly into our brains' processors, to delegate for the entire body.

Let's begin engaging directly in this practice of Alternate System Breathing by taking a comfortable seat, and starting with simple mechanics:   Place / anchor your "pointer" finger in the middle of the forehead, so that middle finger and thumb hang comfortably around the nostrils.  Hanging from your anchor finger, your middle finger will apply your left nostril, and thumb will apply the right nostril, while ring and pinky fingers will curl out of the way.  Please consult this post's photos included for reference.  The middle finger and thumb will act as "pendulums," opening or closing nostrils alternately, in this exercise.

Now, with fingers in place, let's begin by choosing sides...thumb plugs right nostril, middle finger clears LEFT NOSTRIL OPEN...BREATHE IN LEFT NOSTRIL SLOWLY.  Fill lower abdomen, mid-section, and upper chest fully.  When the complete breath is maximized, middle finger will then PLUG LEFT NOSTRIL, thumb clears the RIGHT NOSTRIL OPEN, BREATHE OUT carbon dioxide fully out of that right nostril.  Empty the entire torso out from lower, to mid-range, to upper chest.  Oxygen is fully out but on this first pass from left to right nostril, maintain your finger positions...

Draw the breath back up that SAME RIGHT NOSTRIL, BREATHING IN...(middle finger still has left nostril plugged), again, fully filling the torso in a complete breath.  SWITCH, THUMB PLUGGING RIGHT NOSTRIL, middle finger finally RELEASING LEFT NOSTRIL, BREATHING OUT carbon dioxide out fully, and so one complete round of breath in-breath out, is now accomplished.

To re-trace our breath-energy trajectory simply, minus the finger / thumb movements:  Breathe in left nostril, breathe out right nostril, breathe in right nostril, breathe out left nostril...repeat the cycle...and keep this cycling breath going for as long as you personally would benefit from the effects of this exercise.  Release any thoughts that arise, bringing one's attention back to the traveling breath, and finger movements, in one-pointed focus to this exercise's purpose.

This exercise in Alternate System Breathing, is meant to BALANCE THE MIND & BODY.  Like in anything one experiences, if you dedicate yourself to the fullness of the exercise, it will be personally apparent whether there is any merit or benefit to gain.  Remember, mental and emotional states are mercurial and changeable, but they affect us, sometimes to our disadvantage.

When one engages in yoga practices, one seeks to be less affected by one's unreliable mood or energy swings to the negative, such as fatigue or anxiety, and become more empowered to alter such states toward the affirmative.  When one is in their most affirmative state of personal clarity, one is then energetically capable of taking control of "what comes"...and in Life, MUCH comes to challenge us.

This capability for "Taking Control" is possible, when one has prepared by "Taking Self-Control" first.

Once you have mastered the 'mechanics' of Alternate System Breathing, it can be practiced where ever you are standing.